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Modern envelope

Modern envelope


Purchase on this include:


-Modern envelope sleeve + Free delivery within west malaysia




11 inch: 34cm x 22.5cm x 0.3cm

13 inch: 35.5cm x 25cm x 0.3cm

15 inch: 41.5cm x 30.5cm x 0.3cm


11 inch: suitable for Macbook air 11 & macbook 12 (slightly larger)

13 inch: suitable for all 13 inch macbooks, fit well for Macbook air 13 (a1466), Macbook pro retina 13 (a1502) & slightly larger for new macbook Pro 13 TB & Air 13 (2016-2020)

15 inch: suitable for Macbook pro retina 15 (A1398) & slightly larger for new macbook Pro 15 TB (2016-2020) and macbook pro 16 TB 

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