Macbook aluminium unibody with the svelte, slim edges and subtle curves around each corner design is undoubtedly the most modern & classic notebook ever since it was introduced by Apple in October 14, 2008, with such plain & simple yet elegance body, it actually created a space for you to beautify your own Macbook with the decals!  please do scroll down and enjoy tons of marvellous art design decals :)

Ultra thin

1:1 laser cut


scratch resistant


Every sides of Macbook unibody- in Front, Screen film, Palm film, Keys, Gap and also bottom is covered, not merely for protection against scratches and liquids but to present the hidden uniqueness of Macbook unibody.

A- front

B- screen film

C- palm film

   - trackpad 

   - keys

   - gap

D- Bottom

The decals are all designed genuinely only for Apple macbook aluminium unibody, you may check your Macbook series number at below as reference for availibility.

Pro/retina 15

  • A1278- Pro 15

  • A1398- Retina 15

  • A1707- Pro 15 TB

  • A1990- Pro 15 TB

Pro/retina/air 13

  • A1466- Air 13

  • A1369- Air 13

  • A1278- Pro 13

  • A1502- Retina 13

  • A1425- Retina 13

  • A1708- new Pro 13 

  • A1706- Pro 13 TB

  • A1989- Pro 13 TB

New 12

  • A1534- New 12

Air 11"

  • A1465- Air 11

  • A1370- Air 11

*TB = TouchBar

Vivid colour

With the utilisation of ICC color management profile in giant printer's setting and semi-matt finishing also leather like surface decal, it brings absolutely great result with clear and vivid yet natural apperance.

Precisely fitted

By using the actual Macbook unibody of each Model ranging from the smallest Macbook air 11" to the largest Macbook pro 15 as sample for the laser cutting machine's programming, just no way it could go wrong with the accuracy.

Tremendously thin

The thickness of the decals are not even more than 1 mm but yet with such thin layer it could help protect your Macbook aluminium unibody from scratches and liquids

airslot design

Despite the awesome vivid colouring & surface protection of the decals, the material of the base that is going to be applied on your Macbook aluminium unibody for years is with airslot design which is easy to apply & leave no adhensive residue up to at least 2 years, and yet no bubble will appear during the installation.


you may send us your own image to customize the full decal!

* 1920x1080p resolution or above

* landscape/horizontal image





special order or enquiry? please email us :)

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