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iHUT - Aluminum Dust Plugs for Retina MacBook Pros

iHUT - Aluminum Dust Plugs for Retina MacBook Pros

RM149.00 Regular Price
RM139.00Sale Price

Looking for a best Macbook "dust covers" in the world?


iHUT is a set of 5 aluminum dust plugs designed to cover up your HDMI, USB & Thunderbolt ports. These aluminum dust plugs ONLY works on Retina Macbook Pros. It is compatible with both the 13" or 15" Retina Macbook Pro model. If you have a non-retina Macbook, these aluminum dust plugs will NOT work for you.


iHUT is not an ordinary dust cover, it's a piece of art.


When we designed iHUT, we wanted to make sure we create the best dust plugs in the world. They are designed to 100% fit into your Retina Macbook Pro seamlessly. Different from ordinary plastic dust plugs, iHUT is made from the highest grade of aluminum and has the smoothest finish. It will fill up all the ugly holes on your Macbook!


*Since iHUT hides 100% within your HDMI, USB & Thunderbolt ports, how do you take them out? No worries, iHUT holds a special design patent. Similar to our Ninja Stealth Drive, iHUT can be taken out with your fingernails. Place your fingernail on the special groove within the plugs, then pull out!



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