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Aluminium guard skin

Aluminium Guard skin

Macbook air/pro aluminium guard skin protector malaysia


Macook pro/air silicon color keyboard cover protector malaysia



Aluminium finish skin


PET material

iStand is now providing 2 options for the Aluminium finish skin which are 'Ordinary' & '3M' sticker, please note that the differences between these 2 is Ordinary sticker provide up to 3 years free of adhensive residue while 3M is 7 years.

Aluminium guard skin

easy to apply

adhensive residue free for 7 years

perfectly fit

4H hardness

water resistant & prevent scratches

aluminium guard skin

only 0.12mm ultra thin

aluminium guard skin 3m

adhensive residue free even after long use

4H hardness protection

an awesome protection that keep your Macbook safe from the deleterious effects of grease, scratches and also smudges

aluminium guard skin scratch resistant
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