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iStand store Macbook Baseqi ninja stealth drive

Japan iSnug Aluminium dust plug



The 'iSnug' is an aluminium dust cover that will fit into any port on the MacBook (Retina). 

This product will fashionably cover any port on your MacBook. In addition to being a pratical way to protect your ports from debris and dust, this product is also produced using CNC machining and high-quality aluminium to make your MacBook even more stylish


- Protect the data ports of your MacBook against the dust and rusting -

- Perfect fit with the HDMI, USB, and Thunderbolt ports -

- Designed in Japan and made in Taiwan, made of high-quality aluminum that matches your MacBook color perfectly -

- Compatibility: MacBook Pro Retina 13" and MacBook Pro Retina 15" (2012-2015) -

- This product contains a total of 5 covers; HDMI x1, USB x2, Thudnerbolt x2 -

iStand store Macbook Baseqi ninja stealth drive


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